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Southern Apparel: Bead Whore
Mardi Gras
Mens Fashion-Fit T-Shirt


// One Persons Crap is Another Person’s Treasure Hoarders originated in 1981 and tadalafilonlineoffer are now prevalent everywhere in this great nation. They pack their houses full of priceless treasures/total crap creating roach resorts and fire hazards galore. But never mind that.. we’re not selling stuff for hoarders. They don’t pay full price for anything….

Music Video Release


Leave your pleated kahkis at home…Workin that Runway the only way southerners know how. Made in the Sticks, Southern Apparel is soft, casual wear for young adults inspired by life in the south. Too many people to thank for makin this happen but we’re fina try…models, actresses, and actors for bringing your A games and…

Spring 13 Collection Released


Why is the Spring collection called It’s Friday Yet? Because Facebook got mad at us when we used the words Mother Nature’s wearin shitkickers. So, the second to best thing to kickin a tin can down a railroad track in boots all day is daydreamin of Friday. Special thanks to the following: Andree, Michelle, Steve,…

Speak No Evil
Women's Cropped Racer Tank


// Evil is Wack Segways, generic cialis 12 Redbulls in 12 minutes, holiday traffic in medium sized-cities, Tickle me Elmos, Dance walking, Dr Evil, Evil Kanevil, tellin everyone what’s your favorite type of bottled-water on your Facebook status…100% Pure Evil! However, this garment aint evil. It’s way too comfortable and stylish to ever be evil….