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Southern We Stand
Women’s V-Neck Tee


// Southern States of America Let’s just be honest, we all know the Northern region of the US is eventually gonna come to their senses and move the national capital from overcrowded Washington to Greenbow Alabama. When they do, they’re gonna need a symbol for that and we’ve already got ‘em covered. Soft, Lightweight and…

Tigerbait Claws
Men’s Blended Tee


// Cray Cat The tiger from the Tiger Truck Stop in Gross Teetee, LA took up fingerpainting and this is what he painted. Lightweight and Sofaking Soft This 3.5-ounce, cotton/polyester garment is made from the finest fabric in the south! Say no to heavy, wack, scratchy garments. This tee is super-soft, luxurious, and lightweight for…

Southern Vintage Camo Triblend Tee


// Southern Shop Talk Corporate companies often use watered down, obnoxious messages full of exaggerated claims to help persuade you to purchase the crap they’re selling or like their page or watch their youtubes or pin them or twit their twat blah blah you get the point. For once we’re actually not exaggeratin when we…

Southern Bandana
Women’s Off-the-Shoulder Triblend Tee


// Southern Fashion History Robbin Banks, riverboat gamblin, 80’s movie workout montage headbands (e.g., Rocky I- Rocky XLVI), are some of the great accomplishments bandanas have achieved throughout history. This design commemorates those accomplishments in the southernest mostest way possible. Soft, Lightweight and drapes in all the right places This 3.5-ounce, cotton/polyester garment is made…

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