Glass Tea Set


From Boots with the Spurs to Shirts that are Softer than Animal Furs
This aint your average cigarette sellin westerner. A Bandit lives his/her life lawless, and free. Not chained down to the boring routine of everyday life like waiting in line to save 30 bucks at Best Buy on Black Friday. Simple is always better, and no matter what the obstacle, they always make out like a bandit. Merchandise from this line tells the story of Bandits of the past and present. From chasin the infamous Wyatt Earp (Google it if you don’t know who Earp is) to chasin that neon dream at a honkytonk scene, this line illustrates the way of life for Bandits past and present.
If you are interested in selling Bandit Brand Apparel in your store:Call Now @ 504-345-8927 or drop us a line below to get started.

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