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Become A Southern Apparel Dealer

Retailers: Sell Southern Apparel On Your Web Site. Become an on-line dealer with our drop-shipping program. Drop Shipping is a risk-free way for you to sell Southern Apparel off your web site.

1. Select Southern Apparel garments are featured on your web site
We provide the pictures. Your customers see our high quality, fashion-forward designer southern tshirts, exclusively illustrating the southern lifestyle and realize they can’t possibly live
without the Southern Apparel products shown on your web site.

2. Customer purchases Southern Apparel item off your site
You and us are both notified you’ve made a sale via email. You can use the money you saved on keeping inventory to invest in other essential things for your business such as Lottery Tickets, Magarita Stands and Cigarette Vending machines.

3. You Collect The Profit
Southern Apparel ships the product for you from our warehouse. Southern Apparel ships the order for you the eco-friendly way via river boat across the MS River or by Fedex or USPS. You are paid a royalty monthly for every garment sold off your web site.

Learn More: 504-345-8927

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