Glass Tea Set

Satisfaction Guaranteed, All Day Err Day

If you cover yourself in baby oil outside and stand in a parking lot for 3 hours,
If you roll around in an antbed,
If you use poison ivy as toilet paper,
If you are standing in the middle of a firing range,
you’ll still be comfortable as long as you are wearing southern apparel. No matter where you are or what you are doing, when you’re wearing the Southern Apparel brand, you’re gonna be comfortable.

We are fully confident that any custom tshirts or Southern Apparel original purchased from is as soft and comfortable a fit as it gets. So confident in fact, we’ll happily refund your money in exchange for your returned purchase and even buy you an equally valued competitor shirt for FREE. Guaranteed for the life of the product, anytime, any place, anywhere, NO questions asked! Although, if you do have an interesting or ridiculously wack reason why you are returning your purchase, we’d love to hear why.

1. If you are one those people that doesn’t discriminate your reds from whites during laundry and you ruin your Southern Apparel shirt, ¬†we aint payin for you to not to follow the shirt washing instructions.

2. If you use your Southern Apparel shirt as a paint roller, we aint payin for that either.