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Investing in Southern Apparel

If Jimmy Buffet and Warren Buffet had a bastard child, it would be Southern Apparel founder Joel Buffet. However, Warren’s not into Jimmy like that and this company’s founder name is Joel Hebert and not Joel Buffet. ┬áThus, Southern Apparel needs your help
There are 1000’s of lifestyle t-shirt brands out there, how are yall different and why invest in Southern apparel?

1. Southern Lifestyle for the Fashion Forward
Southern Apparel product brands embrace aspects of the southern life to the fullest. Most apparel products in this genre are often satirical, novelty-worthy, cheap, and not made for the fashion forward demographic. While there are many high quality, fashion-forward designer tshirts brands out there, few if any exclusively illustrate the southern lifestyle as a primary subject matter.

2. A Marriage of Great Design and Great Branding
Imagine this scenario…you’re surfing the internet, you happen to stumble upon a shirt at (insert any name) with a clever design on it that you immediately purchase. The shirt is made of high quality material, and the design was obviously created by a top-notch professional. However, there is one thing often missing in this sale from the seller’s perspective. While the design on the apparel is great, the brand name is often missing or non-existent. This begs the question? Did the consumer buy the product because they love the design or because they like the brand? Usually for t-shirts, it’s solely because they like the design. While a single design may be a home run top seller, without great branding to go with it, the seller has to hit a home run every single time he wants to get the consumer’s attention. People are loyal to to brands and not necessarily great design. A Brand is like the signature of the company. Great design has value but without branding, that design is like an anonymous photograph, cool today, forgettable tomorrow.

Southern Apparel brand products aim to deliver both great design as well as awesome branding. Brand marks on Southern Apparel products are as visible as a half-top wearin girl with a tramp stamp. Even if the shirt has a great design as the hero, the branding is never downplayed. These two elements are always on equal footing.

3. Sweat Equity
Let’s be honest? Are these the greatest designs/brands in the world? Not to everyone. Are we offering stake in a company that is as revolutionary as Google or Facebook? No, designer t-shirts in general are a crowded market. Additionally, we’re not going to present you with a 10 page business plan and a complicated SWOT analysis on how we’ll succeed against these odds (Surely you are sold by NOW!). To top it off, we’ve had plenty of past failures. But this is the exact reason why you are making a great investment choice. This aint our first rodeo and one thing we can guarantee you, there aint no one that can beat us in sweat equity plus we might actually have a little bit of fun along the way.

4. Product Diversification
Feel confident, you are hitching your wagon to a variety of great product brands. This allows flexibility and diversification for us as creators. Also, this has the potential to create MANY more revenue generating opportunities for both of us.

5. Hand-Crafted, Personally Visually Styled Products
Just as no two people play basketball exactly alike, two people never draw or paint the exact same. All products are hand-painted or drawn in a original visual style developed by Southern Apparel.

6. Credentials
We can give you 50 pages on research and analysis on this company’s potential filled with enough marketing and business jargon to write a book…But let’s not out-think the room on this. At Southern Apparel, we use Master’s degrees, MBAs, and over-certifications as toilet paper. Plain and simple, we’re telling a story through apparel here. Sometimes that’s all people really want and need. We love what we do and we hope you do too. Contact us today if you’re interested in investment opportunities with Southern Apparel.

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