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Our Story

Back In 1981, when cell phones were the size of a brick
I can still remember the smell of my father Jethro shop. You see, my father owned a small clothing manufacturing company back in the day. Everyday, I would go in there and watch old man Jethro slave away thread by thread making the most hand quality apparel hands could make. For years, I’d do whatever I could to help out. In other words, I became a floor sweeping expert. Although, I kept my eyes and ears open while I made that cold stone floor dust-free. My father was a true master apparel craftsman. Then, tragically one day the arthritis in his left hand forced him to quit making quality hand garments. However, the lessons I learned during that apprenticeship stuck with me. Today, I’m offering the same quality apparel as my old man, just modernized. Every little piece of thread on each shirt has been hand sewn with the utmost care.OK. Everything from the paragraph above is BS (except for the quality apparel part). In fact, my father and I know about as much about sewing as we do about astrophysonomics. His name aint Jethro either. Truthfully, I designed and sold shirts in college and had a great time doing it. Then one day during an epic, new years day resolution hangover, in desperate need of an IV, I had one of those cliche’ moments where a light bulb went off. Thus, Southern Apparel was born…soft, southern, stylish casual wear for young adults. Old man Jethro would be proud.