Glass Tea Set

Spring 13 Collection Released


Why is the Spring collection called It’s Friday Yet?
Because Facebook got mad at us when we used the words Mother Nature’s wearin shitkickers. So, the second to best thing to kickin a tin can down a railroad track in boots all day is daydreamin of Friday.

Special thanks to the following:
Andree, Michelle, Steve, Natalie, Tessa, Simone Foreman, Rachel, Jency, Courtney, Devin V., Devin S., Jim Cicila, Brittany, Malaya, Vinny, Garret, Shelley, Derrick, Mitch and Patti Reed, Shelley, Derrick, Bobby Ortego, Ben, Amanda Bedgood and the Independant, Alex and the others at Ryonet, James Harmon, Therese LeBlanc, Bernard Pearce and his staff at the Feed N Seed, Brayton, Krystal, Patrick, Cy, Button, and Bobby Fox

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